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Special Zoanoid Types

New Guyver
The Guyver
Zeus' Thunderbolt
The Zoanoids
The Zoalords

Below are the profiles of 'Lost Units' and other unique test models.
A lost unit is a one time generation mutation in a Zoanoid species that improves the Zoanoids and gives them better resistance to Zoalord telepathy, but due to being unable to reproduce the Lost Unit types, they are considered expendable and only kept alive by Chronos for the possibilities of its unique attributes that might be useful in Chronos' overall plans.

CodeName: Aptom
Aptom is a bad guy gone good, and mind controlled back to bad again.
He is the most powerful lost unit, or even the most powerful Zoanoid there is.
He has the ability to transform into any living thing he touches and can transform into multiple things at once merging the forms into one being aswell as being able to morph in to multiple figures. His transforming ability also allows him to heal himslef, Aptom obviously enjoys absorbing Zoanoids as he joyfully dose that often to further enhance his powers once transformed.
He also has a high resistance against telepathy becuase when he still worked for Chronos he had to wear a telepathic-transmitter to allow Dr Balcus to control him.
As the story goes on Aptom ends up becoming so powerful that he is able to stand a chance in battle against a Zoalord.
CodeName: Malmot
The Guyver story all started with Malmot: He stole the three dormant Guyver Units from Chronos Japan and organised a trade between himself and Chronos - his humanity (rid of his Zoanoid ability) for the Guyver Units, or more precisely a trade between himself and Agito Makashima when Agito still worked for Chronos.
Knowing that Chronos wouldn't trade fair, Malmot hid a small explosive device inside of himself and after being beaten to a pulp by Gregole (the first Zoanoid Sho ever fought) detonated it, when he did this the units were thrown away by the blast: The unit Sho merged with flew of the cliff and almost killed Sho if Tetsuro hadn't pulled him out of its path. The unit Riscar merged with was thrown agianst a rock by the blast and the control medal was damaged (later, at Chronos HQ Riscar unintentionly merged with it) and it is unsure of how Agito's unit came into his possesion (though he was there carrying a bag as he watched Sho kill Gregore and Vamore).