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Hyper Zoanoids

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The Guyver
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The Zoanoids
The Zoalords

A Hyper Zoanoid is a Zoanoid that has been engineered to be far superior than a standard Zoanoid, below are the more frmiliar Hyper Zoanoids from the series.

Name: Zektoll
Battlefront commander of the Hyper Zoanoid Team Five, Zecktole is a bio-wepon enabled type Zoanoid with one large bio-blaster on is Zoaform forehead and multiple blasters around his body. He is loyal to his fellow Zoanoids and Chronos with a hateful attitude toward his enemies.
In the translated video, when Elegen was dying Zektoll merged the last of Elegen's life force into himself creating a 'double Hyper Zoanoid'.
Due to inaccurate translations, this charater is know as;- Zektoll, Zektor and Zx-Tole
Name: Thancrus
Development Code: RFT 0038
Formality Adoption No: HZN 017-HS
Zoanoid Type: High speed, fighter type, Hyper Zoanoid
Height: 221cm   Weight: 183kg
Amred with high frequency radiaton wave vibration swords were is hands should be, Thancrus makes a perfect close range combat Zoanoid.
Due to inaccurate translations this Zoanoid is known as: Thancrus, Zancrus and Zangoll
Name: Gaster
Development Code: MDOT 0061
Formailty Adoption No: HZN 009-HS
Zoanoid Type: Heavy armerment, bio-wepon enabled (explosive liquid darts/missles and liquid hoses)
Height: 217cm   Weight: 192kg
Gaster has two chemical liquids running through his body and when united (using the hose) is explosive, he also poseses the ability to fire dart like missles from the his shoulders which also poses the chemicals.
Name: Derzerb
Zoanoid Type: Close Combat Hyper Zoanoid
Derzerb is a strong Zoanoid who's body is mostly made up of muscle. Resembling a Rhinosaurus than can stand Derzerb is ideal for close range combat, however muscle is not Derzerb's only feature as this Zoanoid model has the ability to breathe fire.
Name: Elegen
Zoanoid Type: Close Range, Bio-Weapon Enabled
Elegen is the only one of the Hyper Zoanoid who has the ability to levitate. He has several tenticals extending from his body which he is able to charge with up to ten thousand volts.