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The Zoalords

New Guyver
The Guyver
Zeus' Thunderbolt
The Zoanoids
The Zoalords


The twelve Chronos overlords are each Zoalords, a power given to them by Alkanphel the one whose body the ZoaCrystals were pulled from before being engineered by Dr. Balkus.
To be a Zoalord is to be one of the most powerful beings in existense, an ultimate Hyper Zoanoid. They have many abilities. They can transform into moster like figures like the Zoanoids, fire bio-blasts from their Zoacrystal's and hands and of course they each have their own, special abilities.

Zoalord I
Lord Alkanphel
Leader of Chronos and Ruler of Zoalord 12

Link to the Master Zoalord's Page

Zoalord II
Dr. Hamical Balkus
Creator of the successing Zoalords, strongest psycic and leading scientist of Chronos

Link to the Second Zoalord's Page

Zoalord XIII
Imakarum Mirabillis
Arkanfel's right hand, he is the resurrected Murakami and the second strongest Zoalord (Picture link borrowed from a banner)

Link to the New Gravity Zoalord's Page!

Zoalord XII
Cammander Richmann Guyot
The Zoalord of gravity. A ruthless power hungry traiter to Chronos and enemy of everyone

Link to the Gravity Zoalord's Page

Zoalord ?
Fried Riech Von Pulukshterl
Loyal to Chronos and friend of Shin Rubeo Amniculus, Pulukshterl is the Zoalord of Lightning

Link to the Lightning Zoalord's Page

Zoalord ?
The Zoalord of illusion and quantum teleportation.

Link to the Physics Defying Zoalord's Page

Zoalord III
As this Zoalord was a Silha creature and not a human before becoming a Zoalord, his abilities are exceptional, though his ability dose appear to be growth

Link to the first Chronos Zoalord's Page

Zoalord ?
Shin Rubeo Amniculus
Is loyal to Chronos and is good friends with Pulukshterl


Zoalord ?
Cablarl Kahn
A traiter to Chronos, bringing the orginisation down from the inside for his own personal goals with Jearvill Bun Hiyern and Luggnagg De Krumeggnic


Zoalord ?
Jearvill Bun Hiyern
A rouge Zoalord bringing Chronos down from the inside with Calblarl Khan and Luggnagg De Krumeggnic


Zoalord ?
Luggnagg De Krumeggnic
Another rouge Zoalord working alongside Calblarl Khan and Jearvill Bun Hiyern


Zoalord ?
Tuaha De Gahenos
Insificiant data


Zoalord ?
Edward Caerleon
Insificiant data


Shizu Onuma
Aka. Griselda
Shizu is Zeus' Thunderbolt's Zoalord who controls Agito's army of Libertus Zoanoids and a stronger telepath than Barcus!