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Guyver Weaponry

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The Guyver
Zeus' Thunderbolt
The Zoanoids
The Zoalords


The MegaSmasher:
The megasmasher is the Guyver's most powerful weapon. It is twin biological energy canons that are behind the Guyver's chest, when the Guyver's chest is pulled(or willed) open a huge energy ray is fired at the Guyver's mental command.

Radioation Wave Vibration blades aka. Bio-Swords aka Bio-Blades:
The Guyver's blades are found near the Guyver's elbows on the back of the Guyver's forearms. The blades are not very long are are just plain scenery until extended. When extended the blades have been used to massacre hundreds of Zoanoids as they can cut though anything, even the bio-booster armour itself as we seen in episode four when Thancrus, a Hyper Zoanoid equipped with vibration blades cut through Guyver One's stomach.
The blades always penetrate its target but when used against Guyver killers or extremly powerful enemies the blades have been known to melt or/and brake off.

Bio-Blaster aka Head Laser:
The Guyver's bio-blaster is a small teal-green orb, commonly found above the Guyver's Control Medal. As the beam the orb fires is fine, it dose not do alot of damage, but the bio-blaster is an effective weapon for removing smaller obstacles to the Guyver like Zoanoids.

Sonic Emitters:
The Guyver's sonic emitters are two small silver coloured medals found not to far from the Guyver's breathers (were the human mouth would be). When used the medals emit a powerful sonic wave effectivly shattering what ever the waves pass by, or doing some usful damage when fighting more powerful enemies, In the comics/epidodes the emitters are shown as thin circular green waves.