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The Zoalord with the most intresting abilities yet. Waferdanos is a Silha creature turned Zoalord.
His original abilites where  having humanoid subjects made of his hair, that emerged from him and could return to him(lengthening his hair when they did). As a Zoalord he was able to extend his hair for up to a mile and use it to his combat advantages, however his Silha power is controlled from a forest which draws the conclusion that this Zoalord's abilities are controlling growth, mainly that of organic lifeforms that are spiritually connected to him.
Waferdanos is the third Zoalord; also abandonded by the creators billions of years ago when he was a Silha Creature, years later Dr Balcus found him and gave him one of the ZoaCrystals pulled from Alkanphel's body.
Recently Waferdanos has been defending the Arizona base with Yentsui and Dr Balcus against Gigantic Guyver III, and with Yentsui out of the fight he is the only one left to fight Guyver III.
When fighting Guyver III, Waferdanos pulled his own ZoaCrystal from his head and returned it to Balcus to repay Balcus for choosing him as his first Zoalord and in order to defeat Guyver III in his original Silha creautre form.

Due to inaccurate tranlations this character is known as:
-Walter Daniels
Guess which one is not a complete embarisment to the translaters at Viz.
Special thanks to Slate aka deathguyver for providng images of Waferdanos