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New Guyver
The Guyver
Zeus' Thunderbolt
The Zoanoids
The Zoalords

The Ark:
The Ark is an enormus biological space cruiser. It was raised from the dead sea by the twelve Zoalords and ever since then it has become a second home to Alkanphel and is used to proccess thousands of Zoanoids safely away from the Guyvers reach.
The Ark is so big it has its own rainforest inside.

The Ark

Relic Ship:
Relic Ships are the ships the creaters used and assumibly use that were abandond on earth. They are purple coloured, egg shaped structures with multiple 'tails'. It is inside these relics were the Gigantic armour and the Guyver units were found.

Relic Ship

Unit Remover:
A unit remover is a device which allows you to seperate the Guyver from its hoast. It is a silver coloured, hand held device which opens up to extract the control medal. Alkanphel used this on Guyver Zero on the same day the creators abandond Earth and Richmann Guyot planned to use the one he aquired to seperate the Guyver from Sho.