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Name: Fried Riech Von Pulukshterl
Pulukshtrel, the Zoalord that controls the forces of lightning, was incharge of Chronos Japan after Guyot's death; were he ruled from the new headquarters of the Japanese branch 'Cloud Gate'.
Later on he took on his Zoaform fighting Gigantic Guyver One and Aptom in a Japanese city. Gigantic Guyver One and Aptom both proved to be a match for Pulukshterl but both sides seemed equal. When Pulukshterl's good friend Sin Rubeo Amniculus heard about what was happening he raced to the battlezone, but when he got there it was too late, Pulukshtrel had been killed by one of the three rogue Zoalords, Aptom had been captured by them and Guyver One was forced into retreat because of Guyver Three summoning the Gigantic armour from Chronos' Pillars of Heaven' while Guyver One was using it.


Due to innaccurate translations this character is known as:
Fried Riech Von Pulukstrel
Friedrick Van Purge'stall
Paul Kushtar
(I think the name of this character is most likely Fredrich Von Purukshtrall as that is what the more well known names of this character seem to sound like)