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New Guyver
The Guyver
Zeus' Thunderbolt
The Zoanoids
The Zoalords

As well as a 12 episode OAV and an ongoing comic series, the Bio-Booster Armour Guyver has also spawned:
  • One Animated Japanese Movie
  • Two Non-Animated Japanese Movies
  • Two Non-Animated Western (American)Movies
  • One Non Animated Korean Movie.



Out Of Control:
Type: Animated      Lanuage: Japanese (Eng Subtitles)      Duration: 55mins      Cert: None
This move ia another tale of the original Guyver story (A boy named Sho Fukamachi activates the Guyver and fights Chronos) but the difference between this version and most other versions of the story are; there is no Tetsuro, Guyver Two is female, there is no Agito and the identity of Guyver Three remains unknown. This film is also the most adult version of the story in my opinion, my reasons being the scene where Valcura becomes Guyver Two and other secens of similar nature involing Mizuky. The film is undoubtably a classic but compared to the story we know (since more has happened since then), this first four episodes rolled into a movie no longer has a great impact, though it is still worth a watch.   - OOP*
- Can be found on kazaa and occaisionally appears on the American ebay (

The Guyver aka. Mutronics
tag-line "Some mutants are more equal than others"
Year: 1991      Directed by: Screaming Mad Gearge and Steve Wang
Type: Non-Animated      Lanuage: English      Duration: Too Long      Cert: 15
Known as Mutronics by its UK release, The Guyver is an American remake of the basic story that has been retold many times (with a few differences in events and characters), it is an insult to the great comic series by Yoshiki Takaya, the acting and storyline were both pathetic and the film was completly ruined by way too much attempted comedy. It was so bad that even the amazing effects and Mark Hamil could not make this movie work (though it would have sucked twenty times more without them).
In more detail: The acting and 'humour' was similar to the acting from the childrens tv show 'Power Rangers', and so were the Zoanoids. Nothing was to scale; it took about twenty minutes for the Guyver to defeat (not even kill) one Zoanoid and only five minutes to defeat (in Zoalord Form) Dr Hamlicar Valkus (or Fulton Balcus as he was called in this film) who is supposed to be the second most powerful being in existance. On the subject of Valkus I must say, his Zoaform was quite kool and you don't get to see it in the anime or in the comic series (yet) but its somewhat unooficial, but his character in the movie was a mockery of the great scientist from the comic series, the movie Valkus has a habbit touching peoples heads and he looked more like the twelth Zoalord (Riechman Guyot) than the Valkus all Guyver fans know. And instead of Zoanoids or any other Chronos agents slaughtering anyone who sees them, they well, they act like fucking clowns (theres no other way of putting it). I could go on but thinking about this piece of shit is giving me a headache.
Overall this film is an insult to the greatest comic hero in the world, if you are a fan of the Guyver stick to the comics, anime and this film's sequal 'Dark Hero'. I can think of only one reason why this film is rare and rated 15; all sci-fi fans destroyed their copies before taking their own lives and you dont want weak minded young people seeing anything like this. What a fucking mockery, it is the most expensive, most rare and by far the most godawful piece of shit I have ever baught (on video).   - OOP*

Guyver: Dark Hero aka. Guyver 2: Dark Hero
tag-line "Sci-Fis most powerful superhero is back"
Year: 1994      Director: Steve Wang      Type: Non-Animated
Lanuage: English      Duration: UK-100mins  AUS- 118mins  USA-127mins      Cert: 15
This story takes place a few years after Mutronics where Sean (the Guyver) is having visions in his dreams which lead him to an archeoliogical site in Utah where ancient relics are burried. This movie is very great, a real improvment from the first one (well lets pretend this is the first one), it has more original ideas for an adaptation and aslo features the Guyver Zoanoid (which Yoshiki Takaya designed), definetly worth a watch.   - Availible here

* OOP 'Out of print' this means the item is no longer in production / being manufactured, therefore those of you who own items marked 'OOP'  be careful!! You wouldn't want Guyver items becoming extinc would you?