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Imakarum Miribillis

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Name: Imakarum Miribilis
Formerly Known as: Masaki Murakami
Data on Miribillis: After the Proto Zoalord Murakami died at the hands of Guyot, Alkanphel ressurected him and gave him the ZoaCrystal that was pulled from Richmann Guyot's head, making Murakami the new Zoalord of gravity and the second strongest Zoalord there is, Imakarum Miribillis.
Imakarum wears a visor, I don't know why but its easy to speculate that he wears it due to recieving heavy occular damage or its there for Chronos to control him.
Later in the series Imakarum's ZoaCrystal is cracked when battling the Guyver. Alkanphel took Imakarum to the rejuvination pod in his temple on Silha were Imakarum's ZoaCrystal is healed, but while it was healing Imakarum witnessed what Alkanphel witnessed over 5 billion years ago, when he killed Guyver 0 and was almost killed by the creators...


Past History of the character:

Name: Masaki Murakami aka, the Beastmaster, aka Proto Zoalord

Masaki Murakami was a freelance writer who found out about Chronos after he and his fellow journalists were studying the natives of New- Guinea. They heard a lot of talk about monsters when they were there and the rumers were proven true when their guides turned in to those monsters they were hearing about. They had stumbled across a zoanoid test site! His friends were killed before his eyes and he became a test subject for Guyot's zoarlord design. Shortly after he became a zoalord, Professor Yamamura, Murakami and three other proto type zoalords revolted trying to kill Guyot before he became a zoalord. Professor Yamamura helped Murakami escape since he was the least injured and the professor and the other prototypes were killed by the other eleven zoalords.

Although Murakami is psychic, he hunts Zoanoids with his 'Max Factory Zoanoid Buster Custom' or if you like a 'Zoaniod Buster Gun' due to lack of power he has to hold his Zoaform for long, this is due to being a proto type as Chronos see proto types as expendable tools. Although Murikami is a proto type, he is a Zoalord so even with out his Zoaform he can use his telepathic powers or brake down a wall with one punch.

Originally Murikami intended on merging with the one of the three stolen Guyver units to defeat Chronos, but because Sho, Riscar and Agito found the units first his next option is to protect the Guyvers and help them in their war against Chronos.

The Proto Zoalord pic(s) is from Chris’ Cel Site and was borrowed with permission