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New Guyver
The Guyver
Zeus' Thunderbolt
The Zoanoids
The Zoalords

The Guyver Synopsis:
The story of the Guyver centres around a high school student named Sho Fukamachi who by chance merges with the Guyver armour a powerful bio-engeneering organisation known as Chronos. With the armour Sho becomes hunted by Chronos and continuously has to battle with their Zoanoids (shapeshifting monsters).
How it all Began:
The story begins when an incomplete Zoanoid named Malmot who stole the only three dormant Guyver units on earth from Chronos offers an exchange; his humanity (rid of his morphing ability) for the Guyver units. 
But knowing Chronos would not play fair he hid a bomb inside himself and when they found him he used it, killing the Gregole Zoanoid that defeated him and throwing the three units from the scene:
One unit went missing and wound up in the hands of Agito Makashima minutes after the explosion.
The sencond was thrown against a rock which lead to the damaged control medal that caused the accidental merge with Osward A Riscar.
The third unit was thrown off the cliff where the explosion took place nearly killing Sho, shortly afterward when studing the object unknown to him, Sho accidently activated the unit becoming the first to merge with one of the units.


Great Battles of the Guyver:
Guyver One vs Guyver Two
When Sho and Tetsuro are forcebly braught to an abandond building for interogation Riscar uses the name Guyver on front of Sho when demanding answers from Tetsuro, Sho feels a special about this word and screams it out loud; willfully activating his armour for the first time.
After Guyver One eliminating the two Ramotith Zoanoids, Riscar unviels his other-side to Sho, activating his armour.
Being a trained soldier with no concience Guyver Two clearly had the upper hand; he threw Guyver One about as easliy as Guyver One did to the Zoanoids, but his overconfidence was his down fall.
When Guyver Two held his virbradion blade up to Guyver One's neck he accidently made Sho realise the armour's blade ability, and broke away from Guyver Two's hold, Riscar's faulty control medal then began to fail on him, Guyver One then punched Riscar in the already damaged Control Medal knocking the medal out of Guyver Two's head and causing the armour to eat itself from the inside. While watching Riscar cry out in pain Sho decide to finish him with the megasmasher, thus finishing the second Guyver.
Guyver One vs Zerbebuth
After fighting his way through the trap of Zoanoids Guyver One faught Zerbebuth. The Zoanoid had the upper hand with his bio-blasters and gel like acid, but when Guyver One distracted Zerbebuth using a dead Zoanoid he managed to hurt the monster. Zerbebuth then left to use Mizuki as a shield but he was met with Guyver Three who killed him.