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Allies of Zeus' Thunderbolt

New Guyver
The Guyver
Zeus' Thunderbolt
The Zoanoids
The Zoalords

Name: Tetsuro Segawa
Tetsuro is Sho's best friend. tetsuro and Sho are like guardian angels to one another, always aiding each other in way that even their most powerful allies could not. Sho protects Tetsuro from Chronos with the Guyver while Tetsuro guides Sho though their campaigns with his knowledge and useful thinking. Although Tetsuro has no special combat abilities, he proves himself to be most useful in giving Sho winning stratagies with accurate estimations.
Name: Mizuky Segawa
Mizuky is obviously Tetsuro's sister, she is a bit bossy but really she is a nice person. She likes Sho a lot but dose not like it when he activates his armour.
Name: Professor Sinichiro Yamamura
Proffessor Sinichiro Yamamura  was one of the few people who knew that if a Zoalord were to merge with a dormant Guyver unit, they would become the most powerful being ever. the prffessor also knew about Guyots knowledge of the Guyver/Zoalord subject and about Guyot's plan for using this to destroy Chronos and rule supreme.
When Yamamura still worked for Chronos he was theone who created the four prototypes for Guyots Zoaform and commanded them in their revolt. The target was Guyot who was still being proccessed into a Zoalord but due to all of the other Zoalords being present at that base they lost. The prfessor helped Murikami, the least injured Proto-Zoalord, escape and in the end, was killed along with the three other Proto type Zoalords...or so we thought.
Currently Yamamura is helping Agito create armies of Libertis Zoanoids in their war on Chronos.
Name: Fumio Fukamachi
Fumio is Sho's father. Sho and his father have been living together ever since Sho's mother died. Fumio was turned into Enzyme II after trying to escape Chronos. When he became Enzyme II he lost his own will and fought Guyver I. He destroyed Guyver I's brain, so the Guyver went into a self defense mode and killed him using the megasmasher. All that remained of Fumio after that battle was half of his left arm
Name: Yohei Onuma
Yohei takes care of the safe house Agito set up at Relics Point. He owns a landrover like vehicle and has great affection for Agito.