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Commander Richmann Guyot

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Guyot was the Zoalord of gravity and by far the most inferior Zoalord. From the beggining Guyot was a traitor to Chronos. His true intentions all along were to merge with a dormant Guyver unit and become the most powerful being on Earth, for he was the only Zoalord that knew that a Guyver-Zoalord would have the power to be the supreme ruler of Earth. But due to the Zoanoid Malmot, stealing the three units from Chronos Japan and not long afterward having the three fall into the possetion of others and merge with them, Guyot's plans changed from merge with a unit to remove a unit from a hoast and merge.
Overall his plans were comming together until the Zoalords gathered at Relics Point, where Guyot ran into Alkanphel, who removed the ZoaCrystal from Guyot's head after the Guyvers blew his chest apart with their pressure cannons, and gave it to Imakarum making the resurected Murakami the new Zoalord of gravity

As translation of character names are unsure, the different names this character is known by, by fans of the Guyver anime/comics series are:
Richmann Guyot
Rehalt Guyo or Rehalt Quo
Richard Gyro