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Chronos Bases

New Guyver
The Guyver
Zeus' Thunderbolt
The Zoanoids
The Zoalords

Chronos Bases
Japanese Branches
Chronos Japan Branch: Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate was made headquarters of Chronos Japan after Relics Point was destroyed and since Richmann Guyot was killed, Fried Riech Von Pulukshterl was made head of Cloud Gate.
The building is a dual skyscraper with a helicopter landing pad connecting the two buildings in the middle as well as the buildings being connected at the top. Cloud Gate also extends underground where the Zoanoid proccessing chambers are.
Chronos Japan Branch: Chronos Headquaters
This base was just an ordinary plazza, originally managed by Genzo Makashima, later managed by Guyot after Makashima failed to capute the Guyver.
The building had secret underground levels that could only be accessed by important members of Chronos with special elevator security passes. It was in one of these lower levels where Riscar merged with the Guyver unit and became Guyver Two.
This base was destroyed very earliy in the series by Guyver One and Guyver Three after this the setting moved to Relics Point.
Chronos Japan Branch: Relics Point
Relics Point is an underground base built under Mt. Minikami. The base had a massive Zoanoid Proccessing chambre and was managed by Dr Barcus.
Relics Point was destroyed when the relic underneath the base rose up and soared away destroying the base in the proccess.

Chronos Pillars Of Heaven

American Branches
Chronos USA Branch: Pillars of Heaven
A building much like Cloud  Gate only it is a trio of connected skyscrapers and they seem to be much larger.
One of the skyscrapers of this building was destroyed when Gigantic Guyver Three fired a pressure cannon at it destroying an upper half of one 'pillar'.
Chronos USA Branch: 3rd Operation Plant
A shpere like structure mostly under ground, the part of the base that is above the ground is a pentagon shape with a sphere rising from the middle.
The base was completely demolished when Shizu commanded Guyver Three's army of Libertus Zoanoids and destroyed everything in site.

Chronos 3rd Operation Plant