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Dr. Hamical Balkus

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Name: Dr Hamical Balkus
Data: Balkus is the Second Zoalord and leading scientist of Chronos. He chronologicly first appeared centuries ago in the storyline when he was shipwrecked near the Isle of Silha, Arkanfel's home. He came accross Arkanfel's tomb and when Arkanfel awoke, he bowed to the Zoalord. Noticing that Balkus was a loyal subject of extreme intelligence, Arkanfel made Balkus a Zoalord and pulled 10 other Zoacrystals from his body telling Balkus to take charge of Chronos in his absense and make 10 more Zoalords to command the Zoanoid armies.
Since then Blakus has fought the Guyvers, created Enzyme Type II Zoanoids to kill them, and gave the Guyvers one hell of a time with his telekanetci abilities and amazingly cunning stratagies.
Balkus has yet to take Zoaform and most people believe he dose not have one however in Mutronics (the movie Guyver fans pretend didn't happen) the character called Balkus changed into a dragon like Zoaform.

As translation of character names are unsure, the different names this character is known by, by fans of the Guyver anime/comics series are:
Hamlical Valkus
Hamlicar Barcus
Hamical Balkus