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Lord Alkanphel

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The Zoalords

Name: Lord Alkanphel
Data: Alkanphel, the formidable ruler Zoalord, was created over 5 million years ago by the alien race who created all life on Earth, to command an army against the creators enemies. But because of what happened when merging a human with the Guyver unit the creators fled the Earth mortally wounding Alkanphel in the proccess with a telekenetic attack, making him have to go into deep long rest, each longer than the last.
Alkanphel did manage to stop the moon that was launched at the Earth, however parts of it did collide with the Earth, effectivly wiping out the dinosaurs.
Now, in fear of the creators return, Alkanphel has created Chronos a Zoanoid manufacturing orginisation that controls the world.


As translation of character names are unsure, the different names this character is known by, by fans of the Guyver anime/comics series are:
Archanfel (moslty known by this name)
I think the name is most likely Arkenfel (due to the fact that he owns the Ark) or Archanfel (as this sounds like Arch Angel which he was to the creators)